Robotic Inspection Solutions

Human lives don’t have to be jeopardized anymore

Our remote controlled robotic solutions enable risk-free, Full High Definition (“Full HD”) inspection in real time. It doesn’t matter where you are, be it on-site or on another continent, with our Multi-Observer remotely operated robots, multiple users can view the inspection simultaneously in real time.

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Never Risk A Human Life Again

Industrial safety through robotics may be revolutionary—or it may be common sense.

With the Minespector robot, you don’t have to send anyone into a potentially unsafe situation, mine or industrial plant . You can let the robot take on the risks and let your people work from a position of safety.

You can transmit what the robot senses to multiple users, in multiple locations, while making a record of what it “saw.” This historical record of past inspections becomes a rich multi-sensory archive that can be used to evaluate risk and improve safety.


■ Interchangeable Cameras / Sensors

■ Cameras for many applications (IR, Thermal, Hyper,etc)

■ Sensors for many applications (gas, radiation, sound vibrations, etc)


■ Real Time Full HD inspection video feed & recording

■ High-resolution snapshots

■ 360-degree “half sphere” vision


■ Industrial environment ready (IP 65)

■ Rugged Metal/Fiber chassis for highest protection

HEIGHT: 400mm, WIDTH: 450mm, LENGTH: 450mm

Minespector Video or Sensors 1.1 m/s 1.8 Nm
Minespector X Video or Sensors 1.1 m/s 1.8 Nm
Minespector Pro Video or Sensors 1.3 m/s 8.18 Nm

About us

Headquartered in Santiago, Chile with offices in Silicon Valley, CA, USA, we offer the most innovative technological solutions to the Industrial and Manufacturing sectors. We serve companies that wish to set benchmarks in workplace safety by offering to them the unrivaled support of our state-of-the-art industry inspection robots.

Our rugged, versatile and remotely operated mobile robots perform inspection and monitoring tasks in industrial and manufacturing facilities, improving operational efficiency and reducing risk. They are specifically designed to conduct on-site inspections in isolated or hazardous facilities, or places that are simply too difficult for people to enter.

Not only do they provide access to the most difficult environments, our intelligently-designed, industrial inspection robots incorporate world-class technology and are renowned for their accuracy and adaptability to harsh environments, ensuring the safety of those who are working in your plants and factories.

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